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Who we are and what we do

Georgia is situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, and it is easy of approach. Despite its small size, Georgia has all kinds of climate zones including deserts, ski resorts, Black sea coasts and alpine zones. The recorded history of Georgia dates back more than 4000 years. The country has an unique cultural heritage including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient cities, snowy mountains, lush nature, delicious wine and cuisine. Additionally you can discover breathtaking lakes, canyons, waterfalls or relax at its different types resorts. Because of this, Georgia is one of the most unique tourist countries in the world.

We create memorable moments, get to share our passion for our destination with the people from around the world: Georgian landscapes, all the wonderful old attractions, the unique sightseeing’s, culinary diversity, the best tasting wine and etc. We are here to assist you in finding the best of everything for your unforgettable Georgian experience and explore as many places as possible.

Excursions.ge is 3 company’s partnership project. We are a team of tourism specialists. All employees have long and substantial experience in travel industry. We offer the best quality tours with affordable prices to many destinations in Georgia. We are partnered with Bank of Georgia’s project: multi-purpose Visa type card – Tourist card.

We do the work, we do because we love it and we love people we meet. Our enthusiasm is abundant and the best part – we are still growing. We are simply make your dreams reality. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch if you would like to join us. We are happy to work with you to help you plan and enjoy a memorable adventure.