Bodbe Monastery, City of Love & Pirosmani Story

You will be visiting the 9-th century Bodbe Monastery, scrolling
through the narrow streets of Sighnaghi – the City of Love. The
wall, houses built with Georgian bricks, cobble-stone streets,
wooden balconies, wine cellars and breathtaking views give the
historical town a romantic mystique and produce an unforgettable
impression upon the visitors of the town.

Kakheti-motherland of the wine is one of the most beautiful and dynamic region in the Eastern part of Georgia. It is famous for its wine, hospitality, warmhearted people, views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus mountains. Here you can find the most famous kind of wines like Kindzmarauli(red semi-sweet), Saperavi(red dry), Akhasheni(red semi-sweet), Rkatsiteli(white dry), Manavi mtsvane (white dry), Mukuzani(red dry), Tsinandali(white dry) and etc. Wine is an important part of the culture and history, if you have not shared at least one glass of wine with a local, the you just have not experienced real Georgia.

Duration: Full Day

Departure time: 09:00

Available on:
RUS: Mon | Wed | Fri | Sun
ENG: Tue | Thu | Sat

Pirosmani Museum entrance ticket cost
Degustation: 3 types of Wine & Chacha
Georgian traditional cheese assorti

Extras for an additional fee:
Paraplan / Zipline / Quadrocicle Tour.

Tour Overview
During your tour you will get max pleasure from sharing eastern traditions. Visit top local attractions such as the 9-th century Bodbe Monastery-a place, where Saint Nino is buried. A beautiful garden, with flowers, bushes, vineyards,decorates the monastery. There is also located chapel and healing spring water. Scroll through the narrow streets of Sighnaghi-the city of love. The wall, hauses built with Georgian bricks, cobble-stone streets, wooden balconies, wine cellars and breathtaking views give the historical town a romantic mystique and produce an unforgettable impression upon the visitors of the town. This is the perfect destination for a trip any time of the year.


At 09:00 our driver and guide will pick you up at Pushkini park, close to Liberty Square and the route will go to the eastern part of Georgia. Our first destination is  the monastery of St.Nino at Bodbe- a Georgian orthodox monastic complex and the seat of the Bishops.The first church was built in 4-th century, on the tomb of St. Nino, the Cappadocian maiden, who converted the Georgian people to Christianity. She asked to be buried in Georgia, where she spent her life. So this is one of the most important religious sites in Georgia. The religious complex at Bodbe was repeatedly repaired and restored. In the 16th through 17th centuries, Bodbe was an important educational center. Behind the Monastery there is Nino’s spring, where pilgrims kick off their boots and bathe in the holy water.This amazing and peaceful religious pleace is full of history and good energy.

After the monastery we will go to the city of love – Sighnaghi, which is built 790 meters above the sea level, lies high up on the ridge,overlooking magnificent views of the Alazani Valley and the Georgian Caucasus.The city was founded in the 17th century by king Erekle II as a refuge against attack.Sighnaghi is surrounded by a four-kilometer defensive wall with 23towers and six gates.The walls of sighnaghi fortress have miracuosly survived numerous enemy attacks and they still guard the old part of the city and even beyond.

Visit Sighnaghi Wedding House. In case you have been wondering why, Sighnaghi is the city of love because couples come here to get married and can get married any day of the wwek at any time of day. The Sighnaghi Wedding House is open seven days a week and 24 hours a day. After Las Vegas it is world”s second city, where a 24 hour marriage bureau functions.

Visit the Sighnaghi Museum, which is a branch of the Georgian National Museum. The Sighnaghi Museum has a variety of exhibitions that feature Georgia’s history and culture.These exhibitions include ethnography, medieval archeology,Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani’s and Lado Gudiashvili’s artworks. Enjoy wine-tasting, explore ancient Georgian traditional  Qvevri wine-making method and culture.  This ancient method of winemaking is inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. After the wine-tasting, head to one of the local restaurants to have dinner with traditional Georgian dishes.




Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 Day
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Sighnaghi

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