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There are plenty reasons to make the journey to the Caucasus mountains, especially when they are blanketed in snow.Kazbegi is located northeast of Georgia, along the Banks of Tergi river at an altitude of 1740m above sea level and is surrounded with snow-capped Caucasus mountain range. Natural beauty of Kazbegi makes you breathe the fresh mountain air, drink water from flowing streams and just feel the purity of the space. It is a place, where you can unwind, relax, have fun with nature. Kazbegi touches very deeply our soul and any nature lover would fall in love with these adorable surroundings.

Tour Overview

Discover the magic of the greater Caucasus mountains one day tour to Ananuri and Yazbegi from Tbilisi. On the way there you will vist the magnificent Ananuri Castle complex located at the quiet waters of Jinvali Reservoir, enjoy breathetaking views at the Soviet Monument of Russian Georgian friendship, discover the Gudauri ski resort area, and finally visit the mystical Gergeti Church at the top of the mountain, see the beauty mountainous rivers and gorges of mount Kazbek, take pictures and enjoy the fantastic landscapes, amazing views.


At 09:00 our driver and guide will pick you up at Pushkini park, close to Liberty Square and the route will go to the northen part of Georgia. Our first destination is Ananuri Fortress, which is a 16th century castle complex on the Aragvi River. The Ananuri fortress stands beside the famous Georgian Military Highway overlooking a large Jinvali reservoir.It is an artificial water reservoir located on the river Aragvi. The dam has been built in 1986. Jinvali has an unique shape and water perfectly blue colour is also very special, surrounded by mountains with wonderfull views. Within the Ananuri complex, amongst other buildings, are two churches. The larger Church of the Mother of God(Ghvtismshobeli), built in 1689 It is a central dome style structure with richly decorated facades, including a carved north entrance and a carved grapevine cross on the south facade. It also contains the remains of a number of frescoes, most of which were destroyed by the fire in the 18th century. The fortress was the scene of numerous battles and served as a shelter for the local population during the wars. It is considered one of the most beautiful historical monuments of Georgia.

From Ananuri we continue our way north towards the greater Caucasus mountains and arrive at Pasanauri, the place where white and black Aragvi rivers confluence in one river. Then we continue our way to Russian and Georgian Friendship Monument. It is located on the Georgian Military Highway between the ski resort gudauri and the jvari pass. It has been built in 1983 to celebrate bicentennial of the treaty of Georgievsk Tract and the “ongoing friendship” between soviet Georgia and soviet Russia. This place has a wonderful view to the mountains and valley. It is home to one of the most beautiful panoram platforms in Georgia, with stunning panoramas of the mountains and gorges. Also the pictures in the wall are so beautiful.There is lots of activities going on nearby like ballooning and paragliding, you can try it.

Next stop on the way is Gudauri-remarkable ski resort in Georgia. Resort is located at the altitude 2200 meters above the sea level. The resort offers high quality skiing opportunities. From Gudauri we continiue our way to Stepantsminda-small town, the center of the Kazbegi municipality. The main attraction here is the church of the Holy Trinity-the Gergeti Monastery. That is 12-14th century’s monument erected on the sounthern slopes of Mount Kazbek is located at on altitude of 2170 meters. Mount Kazbeki, the third highest mountain in Georgia (after Mount Shkhara and Janga). The name in Georgian, Mkinvartsveri translates to “glacier” or “Ice Mountain”. Mount Kazbek is associated in Georgian folklore with Amirani ,the Georgian version of Prometheus, who was chained on the mountain in punishment for having stolen fire from the gods and having given it to mortals. Gergeti trinity church is an important temple and remarkable for its gorgeous scenery. At the end of excursion we enjoy wine degustation.

Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 Day
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Kazbegi

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